Ingredient of the month: King fish

Seven Sands executive chef Bassel Ibrahim talks about the ingredient of the month, King fish
King fish

What’s great about this ingredient?

King fish is one of my favourite ingredients to cook as it has a beautiful, delicate taste, while its large size can feed more than 10 people.


How readily available is it in this part of the world?

King fish can be widely found in the waters around the UAE, and therefore in the local fish markets and supermarkets, throughout the year.

What should you look for when buying this ingredient?

If you are buying it whole, look for bright, clear eyes, and the gills should be a bright red.

Is it a challenging ingredient to cook with?

Not at all. King fish is as easy to cook as it is to eat! It is actually a fairly meaty fish, with a lot of flesh so not particularly delicate and there is only the middle bone which can be easily seen and removed.

What’s the best way you’d recommend using this ingredient?

Personally, I prefer to keep it simple, either grilled or pan-fried, and marinated in a little Emirati bezar, which gives a wonderful aroma and a pure, complex flavour to the fish.

Which supplier would you recommend for it?

I prefer to source it from the fish market, that way I can personally ensure that we only get the best and that is as fresh as can be.

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