In season: Lemongrass

Roost Rotisserie head chef Zayn Haggerty talks about the ingredient of the month, lemongrass
Roost Rotisserie, Chef Zayn Haggerty

What’s great about lemongrass?

I love the aroma, the sheer simplicity, and the fresh subtle flavour it brings to your dishes.

Is it easy to source?

Most good quality suppliers and supermarkets stock lemongrass as it’s a very versatile ingredient.

What should you look for when buying lemongrass?

Fresh lemongrass stalks should feel firm and heavy, with no bruising. If it feels light, it will probably have dried out too much.

Is it a challenging ingredient to cook with?

You can use lemongrass whole, sliced or pounded to a paste. To use whole, slice off the very bottom of the stalk, and peel off any dried-out layers, then bash the woody top end with a rolling pin to soften.

What’s the best way to use lemongrass?

Personally, I love to use lemongrass in broths, marinades, and to even flavour crème brulee, ice creams, and to make a cheeky cup of citrus tea. Peel the outer leaves off, give it a bash to release the oils and steep it in your chosen liquid, but be careful that it’s not left in too long as it can go bitter.

Which supplier would you recommend for it?

For me it's Barakat because they never let me down and always bring me the freshest ingredients.

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