How to make pastel de nata from Tivoli Hotels and Resorts

A team of chefs reveal their recipe for the historic Portuguese pastry
Pastel de nata.
Pastel de nata.

First produced in 1837, the pastel de nata is now one of Portugal’s staple dishes and one of its most popular pastries. The recipe was first created by the Jerónimos Monastery monks, in Belém, Lisbon, now being recreated by Tivoli Hotel and Resorts’ chefs almost 200 years later.

The recipe is below:

• 250g flour
• 100g water
• Margarine for puff pastry

Make a normal puff pastry with 3 simple folds. Make a snail type form; cut into slices and open in a baking tray.


• 500g milk
• 75g flour
• 17g Maizena corn flour
• 500g Sugar
• 250g Water
• One cinnamon stick
• Rind of ½ lemon
• 100g egg yolks
• 50g eggs

Mix the flours with a small amount of milk, boil the remainder of the milk and mix in well. Make a paste with water, sugar and flavouring ingredients (boil for two minutes). Mix the paste with the pre-prepared flours and milk. Mix in the eggs (only when cold or when it is to be used).

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