Corona trialling stackable cans without plastic rings

Part of the company’s sustainability drive
Corona, Beer, Alcohol, Sustainability

Mexican lager Corona is set to come in stackable cans that do not require plastic rings to hold together.

Manufacturer AB InBev is testing the new designs out in a bid to remove the amount of plastic waste created by the rings which are notorious for harming sea life.


AB InBev marketing VP Carlos Ranero unveiled the innovative concept in a YouTube video, showcasing that the system is strong enough to hold 10 cans in a single stack. However, doing so would create a four-foot tall pole of Corona, so how convenient that is seems questionable.

Ranero also pointed to the financial benefits of the new design due to the “complete removal of plastic materials in packagaing”.

The system has won an award at the Cannes Lions Interntional Festival of Creativity in France, but as of yet it is currently only available on a concept basis in Mexico, but with plans to introduce it around the globe if successful.

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