Dish 360: Crazy Fish Dubai’s Tuna Tartare

Franco Bloisi reveals how to make this signature appetizer
Dish 360, Tuna Tartare

Tuna Tartare ingredients:

120g - Spanish Balfego tuna, diced

30g - Agria potatoes, crushed


5g - Basil

5g - Orsini olive oil

3g - Pink Himalayan salt


First, boil the potatoes and then let them rest for a while. Then, peel them.

Once peeled, crush the potatoes and then dress them with olive oil, salt and basil.

Dice the tuna only when you need it — so at the last minute — and then layer the tuna on top of the crushed potatoes

Finally, smoke the tartare with beech wood to add an extra dimension to the dish.

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