Supplier Q&A: Near East Olive Products

Near East Olive Products co-founder Omar Adi talks about increasing the visibility of Syrian olive oil in the region

What sets Near East apart from its competitors in the market?

Its origin. Near East Olive Products (NEOP) was created to give Syrian olive oil a visibility outside its borders, and especially among the GCC countries. NEOP is based in Hama, an important agricultural and industrial center lying along the banks of the Orontes river. NEOP’s plant is equipped with the most up-to-date technology and holds both ISO and HACCP certifications. Our staff has received professional training covering all cycles of production and quality control by Italian experts, allowing NEOP to guarantee the highest quality, meeting all international standards.

The company is focused on keeping an authentic product, but in improving its packaging and distribution to reach customers at the level of a European product.

What are the opportunities of operating in this region?

Syria is one of the largest olive oil producers after Europe. It is strategically located as it is close to a growing market for the consumption of olive oil, which appreciates the Syrian quality. In addition, the cost of operation is lower than in European countries, and Syria benefits from a free trade agreement with Arabic countries.

Do you have any upcoming events, product launches?

Near East Olive Products is expanding its production in Saudi Arabia. It has secured a cooperation with a local partner, which will allow the company to expand its range of olive oil and better serve the GCC market.

How can customers contact you?

Hama -  Syria

Tel: +963-33-4735080



Damascus – Syria

Tel: +963-11-33 44 961/2



Dubai – UAE

Tel: +971-4-4228560/02



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