Dish 360: Casa de Tapas & Cielo Sky Lounge’s hake fish

Francisco Javier Benedicto Bordes reveals how to make a traditional Spanish recipe
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Merluza a la vasca ingredients:

180g       hake fish
6              clams
60ml      fish broth
20ml      white wine
30g         green peas
30g         white asparagus (canned)
5g           parsley
2g           garlic
C/S         flour
1              boiled egg
Salt & pepper (to taste)



Season hake fish with salt and pepper. Pass it through flour until completely covered.

Cook it in a sealed hot pan with olive oil. Make sure the skin side is facing the pan.Cook about two minutes each side.

Add chopped garlic and pour wine into the pan. Let the wine lose all the alcohol and pour the fish broth into the pan.

Add boiled and open clams to the hake. Let the sauce reduce and add the rest of the ingredients (boiled egg, green peas and white asparagus).

Check if salt and pepper is needed and season as required. Let it simmer for a while.

Garnish with chopped fresh parsley and serve the dish.

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