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Clinton Street Baking Company head chef Jitze Esterhuizen talks about the ingredient of the month, avocado

What’s great about this ingredient?

My favorite seasonal ingredient is avocado. It is a great product because it is very healthy in all aspects to the human body.


How readily available is it in this part of the world?

Yes, avocados are generally available in all the countries. The best ones however are from South Africa, Mexico, and Colombia.

What are the things to look out for when buying this ingredient?

When buying avocados, be sure that it is soft to the touch and that no black spots on the skin. Too hard and it will be watery and too soft and it can be over ripe.

What are the challenges associated with it?

I believe avocados should never be cooked; raw is the only way we should be serving them.

What’s the best way you’d recommend using this ingredient?

It is an ideal product to use fresh in salads or making a spicy guacamole or even just fresh out of the husk with lots of black pepper!

Which supplier would you recommend for it?

I would recommend using Royal Green, as they have always delivered great produce with value for money.

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