Dish 360: Zero Gravity’s Beyond Burger with tomato jam

Executive chef Dwarika Bhatt explains how the beach club makes its vegan dish
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Popular Dubai beach club Zero Gravity has introduced a new menu focusing on local, organic, and vegan dishes. Executive chef Dwarika Bhatt explains the addition of the Beyond Burger and lets you in on how to make its tomato jam.

“We were looking for some super healthy options to put on the menu where considering sustainability in mind. We chose the Beyond Burger as a full vegetarian burger which gives the equal amount of protein as beef but has plant-based benefits too


“Nowadays everyone is very much aware of what they are eating and what they should eat and in what quantities (macros). Zero Gravity always takes things a step further and embraces the current trends happening in the market. We in Zero Gravity support healthy and organic menus to provide the best to our customers to keep them healthy and happy.”

Zero Gravity’s Beyond Burger

How to make the tomato jam:

·         Take a thick bottom pan and add 20ml olive oil and 50g finely chopped white onions.
·         Sauté the white onions till translucent, Add 200g chopped organic tomatoes.
·         Add 50g of organic tomato ketchup, two leaves of fresh basil and reduce it until it becomes thick enough for spreading.
·         Blast chill and serve

To cook the Beyond Burger:

·         Grill the beyond burger patty to get the charred flavour and finish in the oven for six minutes at 180ׄ°.
·         Toast the potato bun and apply homemade tomato jam.
·         Assemble lettuce tomato and onion on the bun base and put the cooked patty on top and serve.

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