How to make chef Mansour Memarian's Persian lamb shank

The Palazzo Versace executive chef uses the new Gaggenau steam oven
Mansour Memarian
Mansour Memarian

Palazzo Versace executive chef Mansour Memarian tells us how to create a perfect Persian lamb shank which is ideal for Ramadan or for a weekend treat. 

2 Kg Lamb Shank (4 pcs)
200 gm Onion
20 gm Gralic (crushed)
200 gm Tomato (wedges)
150 gm Carrot (cut chunks)
150 gm Celery stick (cut chunks)
4 Ltr  Water
50 gm Adviye powder (mixed spices)
40 gm Salt
8 gm Black pepper
80 gm Vegetable oil
100 gm Spring onion 


1. Season the lamb shank with salt and pepper.

2. Heat the pan, put half of the vegetable oil and sear the lamb shank (all sides).

3. On the other pot, sauté all the vegetables with the remaining oil until caramelized. Add tomato paste and adviye powder. Keep cooking in low flame for 4 minutes.

4.  Add water and salt into the pot, let it boil until the sauce gets a medium thick consistency.

5. In a deep oven container, place lamb shanks and pour the vegetable sauce over. Cover the container with aluminum foil and cook in steam oven 100 degrees for 7-8 hours.

6. Serve with roasted tomato, spring onion and white onion


Adviye powder (Mixed Spice)

150 gm Coriander
150 g Cumin seeds
30 gm Cinnamon Stick
10 gm Cloves
5 gm Star anise
5 gm Bay leaves
30 gm Green Cardamom (whole)
10 gm Nutmeg powder
100 gm Turmeric Powder

1. Mix all the whole spices except turmeric and nutmeg powder and roast in 160 degrees for 10 minutes.

2. While roasted spices are still warm, blend them all together until powdered.

3. Sift through with fine strainer.

4. Lastly, mix together with turmeric and nutmeg powder.

Memarian uses the Gaggenau 400 and 200 series of combi-steam ovens as these appliances create the ideal conditions, using a combination of humidity and hot air to ensure healthy cooking.

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