New nightclub opens in Dubai Design District

Sky 2.0 will be open Wednesday to Friday
Sky 2.0, Dubai Design District, Dubai bar, Dubai nightclub, D3

A new nightclub concept has opened up in Dubai Design District, promising to bring “Beirut’s sleepless party energy to the city”.

Sky 2.0 is a spherical dome situated in the heart of D3 and aims to provide an interactive nightclub experience with modern technologies such as bendable screens and an impressive lighting design bringing the club to life, and is the brainchild of Sky Management CEO Chafic El Khazen.


French architect Michelle Sarfati, who collaborated with El Khazen on the design, said: “We wanted the venue structure to resemble a UFO that is dropped in the desert. We have created a semi-open dome, revealing in luminous outline various spiralling metal volutes. The dome’s interior is punctuated with hundreds of carefully placed projectors attached to the structure, inundating the site with light beams. There are no ceilings or walls: everything is articulated in a curve."

Diners can enjoy the club's cocktails while eating small bites designed to match them.

The venue will have three signature nights: Wednesdays are Oh na na, from Havana to Savannah, presenting reggae, Afro-Latino, and R’n’B; Thursdays are for commercial, house, and more R’n’B; while Fridays feature the best R’n’B, pop, and hits of all time.

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