Industry “doesn’t recognise” the success of Zero Gravity says GM

General manager Peter Skudutis believes his team deserve more respect
Zero gravity dubai, Beach club dubai

Zero Gravity, the popular beach club in Dubai, doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves for its continued success, believes general manager Peter Skudutis.

Pointing to the fact it averages 800 guests a day and regularly puts on music events with in excess of 8,000 people in attendance, Skudutis think the industry doesn’t have a “proper understanding of what it takes to run a business like this” and therefore doesn’t give it, and its team, the respect they deserve.


Speaking exclusively to Caterer Middle East he said: “We’re completely standalone. We don’t have those major supporting departments that some other places have. I don’t believe the recognition is there because I don’t feel the understanding is there.”

Zero Gravity has found continued success over its six years of existence by constantly growing - including moving on to the beach and building a pool – and by creating and promoting its own brands such as its Supernatural Saturdays brunch offering.

That’s despite many other beach clubs trying to imitate its success, with Skudutis saying “some incredible venues have spent millions on fit out and décor” but “they’re not here now or not consistently bringing in 800 covers” as Zero Gravity does.

He added: “We’ve only got a lean team so each of our team members has an incredible amount of responsibility on their shoulders, an incredible amount of pressure that they face on a daily basis, and I believe we recognise that internally a lot, but I’m not sure the rest of the industry can understand.”

Caterer Middle East recently joined the staff and volunteers at Zero Gravity on a beach clean-up, and the venue announced the launch of a new Thursday club night. 

You can read the full interview with Peter Skudutis in the upcoming issue of Caterer Middle East.

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