The ‘Berghain of Beirut’ coming to Dubai in 2021

BO18 will offer cocktails and bar food on the outskirts of Dubai Marina
The Tropical Room at BO18
The Tropical Room at BO18

Beirut-born nightlife concept BO18 is coming to Dubai in Q1 2021, bringing its combination of music, art, and culture to a venue on the outskirts of Dubai Marina.

Compared to Berlin’s famous industrial nightclub Berghain due to its influence on the underground music scene in Lebanon, the original BO18 has been a home to hedonists in the Lebanese capital since 1998.


Now, BO18 The Sequel will hope to replicate that in Dubai as it evolves into a new era representing the yin and yang.

Split into two contrasting spaces, The Tropical Room will be filled with lush greenery, chic furniture, and warm lighting, providing a welcoming space to imbibe cocktails from BO18’s team of mixologists.

Then there will be the Main Room. Encapsulating the dark gothic energy of the original venue, its urban aesthetic, exposed metal pipes, and industrial structures will help engulf guests in the music.

It wil be designed by architect Rabih Geha and feature the traditional moon bar and coffin-shaped tables of BO18 Beirut.

Hassan Ballout, chief growth officer of Seven Management, said, “BO18 The Sequel has a dualistic approach, our aim is to maintain the spirit of the original venue while facilitating its growth. It is vintage yet futuristic, tropical yet industrial, connected yet disconnected, iconic yet simple, and welcoming yet exclusive. The imbalanced balance.”

He added, “We plan to use BO18 as a platform for regional talent, to endorse young creators and help them grow. This is something that started in Beirut, and that we plan to continue across the Middle East.”

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