Izu Ani launches bakery within Galeries Lafayette, Dubai Mall

Izu Bakery will offer pastries and breakfast dishes, along with Izu Ani's traditional dishes
Izu Bakery at The Dubai Mall
Izu Bakery at The Dubai Mall

Izu Ani – the chef behind Izu Brasserie and Bakery, The Lighthouse and La Serre – has launched Izu Bakery in Dubai Mall.

Located in the gourmet section of Galeries Lafayette, Dubai Mall, Izu Bakery will offer a selection of fresh pastries and breakfast dishes such as chia pudding served with fresh berries and pistachios, French toast with berry compote and caramel cream, and eggs served all day.

The bakery also offers Ani's signature dishes, such as his beetroot salad and the Izu burger.

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