Coronavirus Diaries: London Dairy Cafe general manager of operations Florencia Beschtedt

The former Zuma GM on working through the lockdown
London Dairy Cafe general manager of operations Florencia Beschtedt
London Dairy Cafe general manager of operations Florencia Beschtedt

7:00 am: I wish I could sleep longer but normally by this time I’m wide awake! I start with a daily walk with my two dogs in the garden. I get in touch as much as I can with all the plants and flowers that I have! Then my dogs and I all jump in the pool for a little stretch and refreshing session…

8:00 am: By this time, I have already prepared myself some “mate”, a very traditional Argentinean drink that keeps me very awake and energized during the day! I drink at least three flasks of these a day while catching up on emails or cracking on with work…


10: 00: Reports read, emails done, by this time I kick start meetings with different departments that are part of the café.  Depending on what day it is, the meeting will be either with finance, marketing or business development.  Time seems to be a blur on these “quarantine” era… so you actually spend more time catching up on well being that on work!

12:00: I normally take a little coffee break here to walk around, be on social media to communicate with the world, and catch a little bit of a bite! Lack of interaction with people makes you find ways of getting creative, especially when the core of your business is talking to people and making them happy with food!!

13:00: Following up on any initiatives taken to manage change better is a real challenge; as regulations, restrictions, trends and people’s mood change very fast, so at the moment everything is taken day by day… We have a huge team that also needs to be taken care of as everyone is used to the hustle and bustle of daily running around! Keeping them motivated and trained is a big focus at the moment…

15:00: Normally by this time, a huge cup of coffee is needed with some food to continue working on projects, ideas, emails, meetings.  Keeping myself busy and connected is super important, so this is the time I start catching up with all different stores that we have open for delivery as they are the real champions of all of this battle against very unsettling times!!

18:00: I love sending food from London Dairy Café  to friends and family for them to give me feedback, to treat them and feel closer, so this is a good way to stay connected.  Planning logistics for the deliveries also puts the team into a creative mode! So giving them the freedom to choose, create and suggest food combinations for “stay at home” packages is great!

19:00: Normally here is where I try to do a yoga class or a meditation one, but 99% of the time gets interrupted by my dogs so we normally end up in the pool again playing and running around in the garden after!

21:00: I wish someone would have warned me that playing Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen every day will require a lot of washing up later, but luckily by this point, my husband is also done with his  “lockdown” work routine and does the dishes in exchange of “home cooked gourmet” food ;)

22:00: Not sure if there is any NETFLIX series left by this time to watch, so I try to read a lot of different books before going to bed, to let my imagination run free and sleep as much as I can before starting a new day in the UAE version of Groundhog Day…

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