Freedom Pizza to test e-bikes for delivery service

The pizza company has collaborated with Solva Technologies, a clean energy start-up to test the e-bikes
Freedom Pizza to test e-bikes for delivery.
Freedom Pizza to test e-bikes for delivery.

Freedom Pizza, a home-grown UAE brand revealed that it’s continuing its sustainability campaign by testing out electronic motorbikes or e-bikes through a collaboration with a clean energy start-up, Solva Technologies.

It’s part of the pizza company’s sustainability initiative, #StopSucking campaign that launched earlier this year. Through the campaign, the company stopped using plastic straws and cutlery and replaced it with biodegradable ones.

Currently, Freedom Pizza has nearly 140 delivery drivers on the road and plans to add 200 more by the end of the year. Solva Technologies plans to use the data garnered by Freedom Pizza during the test phase to help it create “universal solution to clean delivery”, a statement from the company said.


Speaking about the e-bikes testing phase, Freedom Pizza founder and CEO, Ian Ohan said: “Freedom Pizza believes that electric vehicles are the future of delivery, being environmentally friendly and an efficient form of transport. Our effort to move towards being a sustainable and environmentally friendly UAE company is very much in line with ‘Expo 2020’ and ‘Energy Strategy 2050’ policy set in place by the UAE government. We believe that the nexus of reliable and effective e-vehicle technology is here. The use of electric bicycles, motorbikes and cars will be core to our expansion plans into UK and European markets, particularly in urban environments where they are well suited.”

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