12-vendor food hub to open in Abu Dhabi

Urban retrEAT will rotate its offerings every three months
Urban retreat, Food court, Abu Dhabi, Yas Mall

Abu Dhabi has a new food hall with the opening of Urban retrEAT in Yas Mall bringing together 12 local vendors in one space.

The concept includes a variety of taste options from all over the world and will be on a three-month rotating basis. The first 12 vendors are Mr. Brisket, Off the Hook, Casa Latina, Tawa Bakery, Firefly Burger, Piddza, Chez Moe Café, Roll-Ups by Sukkar Dose, Bubble Waffles by Sukkar Dose, Hue Artisan Pasta, Fatteh O Salata and Casa De Churros.

Urban retrEAT founder Dana Alsharif said in a statement: “We’re developing a space that can act as a hub for the local community and a platform for home-grown food vendors. The constant rotating of vendors offers an ever-changing experience for diners meaning all tastes and palates will be catered for.”

The venue will also host local musicians and artists to provide entertainment for customers.

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