UAE brand The Noodle House improves delivery driver safety

It comes ahead of Global Road Safety Week
The Noodle House, The noodle house dubai

The Noodle House has introduced a number of new safety initiatives to improve the safety of its delivery drivers.

The JRG Dubai operated concept has capped its delivery bike speed at 100kmh and introduced new, safer uniforms for the drivers, with full body armour covering the spine, shoulders, elbows, chest, and ribs.


Emma Banks, JRG Dubai managing director, said: “We all know riding a motorbike can be dangerous, so we have spent considerable time in the last two years dedicating resources to ensuring the bikes, riding gear and driver knowledge through training meet world health and safety standards.

“We believe strongly in leading by example and The Noodle House hopes other companies now pay more attention to ensuring driver safety does not take precedent over commercial interests. One accident is one too many, so we have gone above and beyond normal industry standards to ensure our drivers are safe, happy and comfortable.”

At the start of every shift, the 150cc motorbikes are put through a rigorous planned preventative maintenance check.

The single seater, fuel-efficient motorcycles are fitted with a raft of extra safety features and a padded backrest gives extra comfort. With all bikes complying with the ISO 9001-2008 QSA international safety standard, each one is taken off-road for full maintenance overhaul every 1,000 kilometres and replaced after 150,000 kilometres.

If something does go wrong on the road, drivers are given extra peace of mind with a dedicated helpline and maintenance company.

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