800 Pizza unveils new delivery driver look

The fashionable outfits are also kitted out with safety features
800 pizza, Delivery

800 Pizza has unveiled a new look for its delivery drivers, with the suave outfits also improving safety for its bikers.

Known as ‘The Riders’, 800 Pizza’s deliver drivers will now have Italian-inspired style with green, red, and white shirts and brown khaki trousers.


The uniforms have built in safety gear including shin pads installed into the trousers, shoulder pads, and 90s inspired helmets.

800 Pizza founder Alessandro D’ubaldo said: ““We are very excited and proud of our new rebranding, it was needed perhaps overdue. Since I founded 800 Pizza, about twelve years ago, I have never really focused on branding, all my focus has always been somehow limited to product quality and team training and I have to say we made it pretty far surviving through thick and thin, with our new branding finally coming together we feel a new gear has been added to our gearbox and the future is starting to look very interesting.”

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