KFC launches first ever wholly digital branch on social media

KFC Scroll Thru is available across the Middle East
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KFC, the popular fried chicken brand, has launched an entirely digital branch on social media.

Called KFC Scroll Thru, it’s compared to a traditional drive-thru outlet, with users instead browsing the KFC menu on their smart phones while using Facebook and other social media channels and websites.


Users are greeted by a smiling KFC worker who encourages them to check out the available menu items and is available throughout the Middle East in both English and Arabic.

Ozge Zoralioglu, chief marketing officer, YUM! Brands\KFC MENA Turkey & Pakistan, said: “We have always been part of many people’s moments, and today people spend most of their time scrolling through their feed on social media. We want to still be part of their lives and keep what we deliver easy and relevant to what they need. Our choice was to do that in a creative and distinctive manner through the KFC Scroll Thru.”

The new digital branch aims to be more engaging than a standard website, with KFC employees reappearing with fresh ways to entice customers to purchase if they don't do the first time.

Patou Nuytemans CEO of Memac Ogilvy, MENA added, “Social media content needs to move beyond news, promotional and topical posts for likes, comments and shares. It needs great ‘made for social’ creative ideas, amplified by the unparalleled reach, targeting and optimization that social media now offers, to build brands, engage consumers and drive sales. At Ogilvy, we believe social is the new advertising.”

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