Fuchsia Urban Thai offering five lunch packages in Dubai

All costing between AED50 and AED55
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Contemporary Far Eastern restaurant Fuchsia Urban Thai has introduced five new lunch packages costing between AED50 and AED55.

Each package includes an appetiser/soup plus main course and noodles.


Aiming to offer a healthy balance of protein, vegetables, and carbs, the sets include the likes of chicken satay paired with peanut sauce, tom yum vegetable soup, Panang beef curry,

You can see the full menu options below:

The Power          AED 55
• Handmade juicy chicken satay with peanut sauce
• Vegetable spring roll
• Chicken cashew nut
• Jasmine rice/purple rice/wok fried cauliflower rice with vegetables

The Noodler      AED 52
• Vegetable spring roll
• Papaya salad
• Pad thai ( chicken or veg )
• Prawn crackers

Curry in a Hurry               AED 52
• Assorted vegetable tempura
• Green / red curry with chicken
• Jasmine rice / purple rice
• Prawn crackers

The Alternative          AED 55
• Corn fritters
• Tom yum veg
• Panang curry w beef or chicken
• Jasmine/purple 

The Vegetarian          AED 50
• Tom yum veg
• Veg spring rolls
• No chicken, chicken cashew nut
• Jasmine/purple/cauliflower rice

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