Over 500 Tehran restaurants shut down during Ramadan

Police in Iran closed the venues for breaking Islamic principles
Tehran, Restaurant closures, Iran

Police in Tehran shut down 547 restaurants and cafes for breaking ‘Islamic principles’ by committing offences including playing music during Ramadan.

In a statement released on the Greater Tehran police force’s website, police chief Hossein Rahimi said that “the owners of restaurants and cafes in which Islamic principles were not observed were confronted, and during this operation 547 businesses were closed and 11 offenders arrested”.


News agency Fars reported that the operation was carried out in the final 10 days of Ramadan, with other offences including “unconventional advertising in cyberspace” and “debauchery” among the reasons for the closures.

Other media reports suggest similar closures in other cities in Iran including 305 restaurant being shut in Ishafan.

It comes as the UAE appears to be relaxing its stance on eating during Ramadan, with Abu Dhabi restaurants no longer required to operate behind screens during fasting hours.

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