Dubai healthy food concept launches zero waste kit

Wildflower Poke & More is selling the sustainable utensil and cup kit
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Health conscious food concept Wildflower Poke & More, which recently opened in Dubai Studio City, is selling a zero waste kit to its customers.

The kits contain reusable bamboo cutlery complete with a fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks, as well as a bamboo straw with its own bio brush and a reusable cup for both hot and cold drinks.


It’s the latest commitment to sustainability from Wildflower’s owners Krush Brands, which also operates Freedom Pizza, one of the first brands to eliminate plastic cutlery and straws from its orders.

Krush Brands director of culinary Justin Snyder has also ensured that all Wildflower packaging is sustainable, and is made out of a combination of compostable polylactic acid and bagasse which is an eco-friendly by-product of sugar cane.

You can pick up a Wildflower zero waste kit for AED50 through its app or website.

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