Dubai F&B operator calls for taxi-style regulation

Naim Maadad wants the numbers of new restaurants to be controlled
Dubai regulation, Gates Hospitality, Naim Maadad

Gates Hospitality CEO and founder Naim Maadad has called on strict regulations for Dubai’s restaurant and café industry.

With over 400 F&B concepts opening in the city in the opening four months of 2019, Maadad believes there are worrying times ahead for the food and drink sector unless the number of openings are controlled.


He said: “It is simple – we cannot have a situation where there are far too many restaurants and cafes for the population of Dubai and the tourist numbers coming in.

“The food and beverage industry should be treated in precisely the same way as taxis and public transport.

“Taxi licenses are handed out to cope with the number of people who use them – which means you have the perfect situation of taxis being used all the time and not doing nothing all day long.”

Gates Hospitality operates brands such as Folly, Reform Social & Grill, and Bistro Des Arts in the city, and Maadad hopes that the regulators will act before oversaturation becomes more of a bigger problem than it already is.

He added: “Everyone who owns and runs a restaurant or café wants the industry to develop but it is an industry that needs protecting and we need that to happen this summer.

“There is a fear that many new outlets will open after summer which will mean many of them and others already open cannot survive for long. To solve that the numbers of new openings should be monitored closely.”

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