McDonald’s tops Uber Eats most ordered during Ramadan in Dubai

The fast food was most popular for both Iftar and Suhoor ordering
Uber eats, Iftar, Suhoor, Food delivery, Dubai
Hein van Tonder

Data released by food delivery provider Uber Eats has revealed that McDonald’s was the most popular food of choice for customers breaking their fast during Ramadan.

For both Iftar and Suhoor, McDonald’s had a larger volume of orders than anyone else on the application – and they also had the quickest delivery, with one completed in under seven minutes in Deira.


The single biggest order online during Iftar was from The Butcher Shop and cost AED1,186, followed closely by a huge Pizza Hut order of AED1,115.

During Suhoor, the biggest single order by cost was at Shake Shack, coming in at AED875.

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