Hilton predicts predominantly plant-based diets in 100 years

Fast food will be in meal capsule form, suggests hotel’s thought experiment
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With the Hilton hotel brand celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019, the company has released a report predicting how the world will look in another century – and it’s bad news for meat eaters.

According to Hilton’s experts, by 2219 our diets will be mostly plant-based, with farmed meat supplemented by lab-grown and 3D-printed alternatives due to climate change concerns.


Sustainability will therefore be a major issue and Hilton expects to use vertical hydroponic crop-growing farms, as in use already on a small-scale in Dubai today, in collaboration with surrounding communities to grow hybrid vegetables with maximum nutritional value. There’s even the possibility of using other planets to farm crops.

And how will this manifest itself in our daily eating?

Emma Banks, vice president, food and beverage strategy and development, EMEA, Hilton, said “traditional room service could be replaced with 3D-printed food, or in-room chefs who will be able to cook whatever a guest is craving.”

According to the report, there’s even the possibility that menus will be completely obsolete. Biometric information from embedded guest chips could provide chefs with food preferences, nutritional requirements, allergies, and flavour tolerances on arrival – a bit Black Mirror for Caterer Middle East's tastes…

But Hilton senior vice president, corporate strategy Nathalie Corredor said: “This embedded chip technology will detect and diagnose any ailments, so your food can be optimised to provide exactly what you need.”

McDonald’s and Burger King will have competition in the form of meal capsules, if this report is correct. They will be able to take on every flavour combination you wish for and will be sustainable.

All of these innovations lead to a potential Hilton guest menu that includes a Waldorf mussel salad tossed in algae mayonnaise to start. A main course of organically reared beetle burger with triple cooked crickets and samphire fries. And to finish the meal off – green velvet cupcake made with seaweed buttercream.

So enjoy your traditional food while you can!

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