KFC restaurant in Michelin star hunt

An Australian franchise owner believes he deserves the accolade

The franchisee of a KFC in Australia is campaigning for his restaurant to be given a Michelin star.

Inspired by Netflix’s Street Food show, Sam Edelman told 7News.com.au that he believes his outlet in Alice Springs is as deserving as some of the vendors on the show.


A three Michelin-starred restaurant is described by the company as being “worth a special journey”, and Edelman says some Australians have travelled up to 1,000km to his remote KFC as it is the only one in the region. Certainly a special journey...

Unfortunately for Edelman, much like the Middle East, the Michelin Guide is yet to reach Australia at all, so his quest is likely to end in failure. But he has set up a Facebook group called ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken deserves a Michelin Star’ as he continues his attempts.

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