Maison Mathis refurbishment integrates sustainability initiatives

The Arabian Ranches outlet has a number of green projects
Maison Mathis Arabian Ranches has undergone a refurbishment.
Maison Mathis Arabian Ranches has undergone a refurbishment.

Following the refurbishment of Maison Mathis Arabian Ranches, the European restaurant has instituted a number of sustainability initiatives.

In a bid to help respect the environment, Maison Mathis has introduced vertical farms in which it will grow its own leafy greens to be used by its chefs.


Plastic bottles are also on the way out and have instead been replaced by filtered tap water which will be served in reusable glass bottles. It will cost AED15 and customers will get as many refills as they want.

It has also improved waste management practices to achieve more effective ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, therefore limiting its impact on the environment.

Maison Mathis has also pledged to work more with local products and suppliers, and has produced a vendor code that suppliers must adhere to before using their produce.

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