Dubai restaurant introduces ‘Instagram kit’ for diners

Parlour Boutique is helping customers get the perfect shot for social media
Parlour Boutique is encouraging the use of Instagram kits.
Parlour Boutique is encouraging the use of Instagram kits.

Chic French restaurant Parlour Boutique is proud of the way its dishes look, and wants to help customers show them off to the world.

The Dubai eatery has introduced ‘Instagram kits’ to ensure diners get the perfect shots of their food to put on their social media feeds.


Including a portable LED camera light, a clip-on wide-angle camera lens, a portable phone charger, and a tripod selfie stick for overhead table shots, you’ll be able to get the perfect angle and lighting on your meal.

Parlour Boutique is encouraging customers share their images across social media, believing user-generated content is one of the highest compliments it can receive.

But just don’t tell Emirates Culinary Guild president Uwe Micheel about Parlour Boutique’s plans.

The chef has repeatedly spoken out against Instagram, calling it “a nightmare” for chefs, and has criticised restaurants for pressuring chefs to prioritise aesthetics over taste.

So this idea probably isn’t for him…

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