Five minutes with… Giuseppe Barbero

Master of truffle Giuseppe Barbero is hosting two dinners at Roberto’s in the UAE in November

What is your earliest food memory?
My food memory is associated with home cooking, especially that of my mother. I remember spending lots of time together in the kitchen, learning tips that I still use now.

What inspired you to become a chef?
I started doing this job at a very young age. Everyone starts in the kitchen as a commis Chef, then with tenacity and luck I became a Chef. I always enjoyed cooking and had a such a deep passion that I never got bored. New ideas come to me daily and it’s amazing to create dishes and recipes for people.

How would you describe your culinary style?
My cooking style is very personal, I cook the things that I love. I always follow the seasons and respect the natural products. Truffle season is one of my favourite seasons, the freshest and most natural truffles create the most incredible tastes in my dishes. I don’t tend to overcomplicate things, letting the ingredients work their magic on the taste buds.

What has been your proudest moment as a chef?
Fortunately, I’ve experienced many proud moments through the years. To be asked to cook my dishes for guests and receiving a smile from them is already honour enough. It really is an incredible feeling.

Can you tell us about the menu you’ve created for Roberto’s and your inspiration?
The dishes created for Roberto are my favourites. They are the ones that most represent me. Those that deserve tasting. The truffle is the freshest in the world and it’s all hand-picked specifically for the special menu. Roberto’s already have an incredible menu, so cooking for them is something really special to me. Guests will absolutely love this menu, it’s created from the heart and with a lot of love.

Why is Alba the white truffle capital of the world?
Alba was the first to value the truffle with an international truffle fair, having the best quality truffles. Paired with wine from the region, it has succeeded in creating a winning combination that brings growing tourism to the area.

What’s the key to cooking with truffle?
The key to cooking truffles is to combine them with products with non-aggressive flavours. The truffle has very delicate aromas with many notes, the secret is to get them out.

What will be the key trends in food over the coming years?
In my opinion, in the coming years the trend of food will be linked to the theme of the environment. Respect for the raw materials, less wastage, perhaps cooking with more love and focus on taste rather than the presentation.

Catch the chef at Roberto's Abu Dhabi on November 21 and Roberto's Dubai on November 23.

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