Italian-Emirati fusion menu launched at Dubai Mall restaurant

GIA has enlisted an Emirati chef to craft the limited edition menu
Asida cannoli at GIA.
Asida cannoli at GIA.

GIA in Dubai Mall has launched what it calls the first ever Italian-Emirati fusion menu.

The limited edition menu has been created by the Italian culinary experts at GIA in collaboration with Emirati chef Faisal Mohammed Al Harmoodi, and features classic and reimagined favourites from both cuisines.


Options include the samosa burrata, a crunchy samosa with burrata, arrabiata sauce, and tomato and pesto mint chutney.

The Salona risotto is served with Salona mushroom risotto, slow cooked lamb shank and Emirati favourite daqoos, a spicy tomato and garlic sauce. Served with rigatoni, grilled chicken breast, biryani sauce, green maabouj, daqoos, rgag, and pesto and mint chutney, the flavoursome rigatoni biryani is the ultimate fusion of both cuisines.  And one of the most intriguing finds on the menu is the camel lasagne, puffed lasagna layers filled with camel bolognese, parmesan cheese, and olive oil powder.

The collaborative fusion menu is available at GIA in Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue until February 12.

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