UAE restaurants to go delivery only due to coronavirus

Fish, meat, and vegetable markets also to close
Restaurants in Dubai can no longer offer dine-in.
Restaurants in Dubai can no longer offer dine-in.

Restaurants in Dubai will have to close down all dine-in operations as the country goes delivery only from Monday, March 23 for a period of at least two weeks.

A statement from Dubai Municipality revealed the new directive, which followed on 24 hours from a previous statement ordering restaurants to limit capacity to 20% for dine-in.


Restaurants will still be able to offer takeaway and delivery services, with many already beginning to focus their resources in that direction in the past couple of weeks as the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc with the F&B industry across the world.

Also exempt are restaurants and cafes in hotels serving in-house guests only. 

It puts the UAE in line with other Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia which banned eating in restaurants last week.

The new plans also mean the closure of all fish, meat, and vegetable markets in the country, although dealing with wholesalers is excluded.

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