JLT Dining questions Zomato delivery hygiene during coronavirus outbreak

The local Dubai restaurant listings platform asked customers not to order from the company
JLT dining questioned the hygiene of Zomato's drivers
JLT dining questioned the hygiene of Zomato's drivers

Zomato has come under fire about the hygiene of its delivery drivers during the current coronavirus pandemic in a series of tweets from a local Dubai restaurants listings platform.

JLT Dining called on people to not use the food aggregator after receiving “more and more reports from restaurants in JLT about Zomato UAE riders turning up to collect delivery orders without wearing masks, gloves, or having access to hand sanitizer.”


According to JLT Dining, some had only makeshift masks, if any at all, and it encouraged restaurants to turn away delivery drivers without the proper equipment or that aren’t correctly practicing contactless delivery.

Zomato has previously come under fire for charging its restaurant partners for a hygiene audit during the Covid-19 outbreak, and is also under pressure to reduce commission to restaurants with campaigns from writers FooDiva and Food Sheikh.

In reply to the concerns raised by JLT Dining, a Zomato company spokesman said: "We’re glad our users are being vigilant, and we take these issues very seriously. We have investigated the entire JLT area based on this feedback. We have spoken to several JLT restaurants, including Man’oushe Street, Highway 311, Raju Omlet, and the Marj Group restaurants, surveyed many more by email, and have received feedback that our riders have been adhering to the health and safety guidelines we’ve set.

"Nevertheless, as an additional precaution, we will be monitoring the area more closely for any future issues. We would also request our users to report any issues directly to feedbackuae@zomato.com, so they can come to our attention sooner and can be investigated immediately."

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