Coronavirus Diaries: Director of culinary and F&B at Palazzo Versace Dubai

Mansour Memarian shares his daily routine during Covid-19
Palazzo Versace director of culinary and F&B Mansour Memarian
Palazzo Versace director of culinary and F&B Mansour Memarian

7:30am – I wake up my children and get them ready for the e-learning sessions. We do enjoy this process as I have nowhere to rush to these days, so we have created a lovely morning routine where we chat the day through, they ask me what I’ll cook for lunch even they haven’t had breakfast yet. They’re so excited to have their parents around all day. After breakfast together, they go on their tablets for their first class, while I quickly go through emails to check the overnight hotel reports.

9:30am – I check the news for updates on the local lockdown and I take a few calls, usually from suppliers or partners.


10:30am – I have the first virtual meeting of the day with the team. We’re working on some new F&B concepts and offers at Palazzo Versace Dubai and it’s important we update each other on the progress of each task, from developing new menus to reviewing the operational process of each.

11:30am – Our midday hotel operational meeting is around this time. We share updates from all the departments and share ideas for the upcoming season. COVID-19 is the “hot topic”, of course, and we discuss best practices, asses the impact of pandemic on the business, go through leads for the next season and generally check on each other.

12:00pm – I start cooking lunch for the family. If the kids shared a preferred menu, I cook what they want. However, everyday I try new recipes and get as creative as possible. Cooking relaxes me and this is the perfect time for me to detach. It is also a good time to brainstorm on the way forward and in between whisks I may call the marketing team to share a few ideas. I also put in my mind a few topics to discuss with my team in our afternoon briefing.

2:30pm – After lunch, I go do homework with my children and plan the afternoon together. They share ideas for snacks they want to have, the games they want to play, and this can take an hour or two.

4:00pm – After I leave them debating on how they want to spend the afternoon and three or four coffees later, it’s time for another virtual meeting with the team. We know how important is to be prepared to kick off operations again, so we plan things further in the hope the movement in the market will start soon.

5:00pm – I usually work out at this time. Exercising keeps me sane and, I want to believe, fit. My children enjoy their time in the garden or by the pool, so I have a little bit of time for myself.

7:00pm – I prepare a light dinner and after it’s movie time. I have never watched so many movies in three weeks’ time. I’m a night person and I enjoy the late hours carried away with a book or a TV show.

11pm – Just before bed, I take a quick glimpse at the emails I got and I plan my next day accordingly.

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