‘Abhorrent behaviour’ by delivery platforms is ‘completely unacceptable’, says Krush Brands CEO

Ian Ohan said delivery aggregators need to make concessions to help restaurants
Krush Brands has its own delivery platform
Krush Brands has its own delivery platform

Food delivery aggregators should not be charging 35% commission fees during a global pandemic that has forced restaurants to shut their doors, according to Krush Brands CEO Ian Ohan.

Speaking on Caterer’s Working Through Lockdown video series via Zoom, Ohan said that aggregators “should be making concessions” while the coronavirus crisis is ongoing and the fact they are refusing to do so is “completely unacceptable” and “abhorrent behaviour”.


Krush Brands, which operates the likes of Freedom Pizza, has always had its own in-house delivery platform to avoid using third party aggregators and Ohan has been unimpressed by the way they have behaved during current situation.

“What’s even worse is they are quite disingenuous in suggesting they are saviours for restaurants when really the restaurants receive no benefits whatsoever,” said Ohan. “They’re asked for discounts, they’re being charged rates… what they are after is the customer. They’re trying to pretend they’re helping the restaurant and they are really not.”

Ohan told Caterer that restaurants looking to get into delivery need to treat it with the utmost importance and recommended they follow Krush Brands example in having their own platform.

He said: “This is a vital and critical piece of our business, this is a strategically important piece of our business, so we decided to build our own platform. For us it’s important to own the value chain because any business that allows another party between itself and the customer experience, I think that’s extremely dangerous. I believe my job’s not done until the food is in their hands.”

You can view the rest of Caterer’s Working Through Lockdown video series on our YouTube channel here.

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