Kris Fade launches campaign to save Dubai ‘institution’ Ravi

The Satwa-born restaurant is having to sell assets to stay afloat
Kris Fade
Kris Fade

Popular UAE radio presenter Kris Fade has launched a campaign to save Dubai “institution” Ravi Restaurant.

Speaking on his Virgin radio show, Fade highlighted an article from The National in which managing director Waheed Abdul Hameed spoke of having to sell personal assets to repay debts and keep the restaurant afloat.


The 42-year-old restaurant chain now has three outlets in Dubai, but Hameed told The National they are struggling to make AED1,000 a day because of the coronavirus crisis, and pointed to a lack of help from delivery aggregators as a main source of its problems.

Fade is trying to get 10 people extra to eat in Ravi’s outlets each day, saying the income could be life-changing for the Dubai landmark that even featured in Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations series in 2010.

To help boost business for the restaurant where Fade took his partner on their first date, the radio presenter is encouraging his listeners to dine in at any of the branches and take pictures of their food while tagging @KrisFadeShow on Instagram.

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