Delivery-only premium burger brand launches in Dubai Media City

Ugly Burger is operating out of the Shogun kitchen
Ugly Burger is a delivery-only concept for now
Ugly Burger is a delivery-only concept for now

There’s been a new addition to Dubai’s burgeoning burger scene with a delivery-only premium brand launching in Media City.

Operating out of Korean restaurant Shogun’s kitchen, Ugly Burger is the brainchild of three Dubai-based entrepreneurs, Eric Lee, Young Rak Jung, and Chang Sup Shin, and offers a small but targeted menu.


Co-founder Chang, who also operates Asian speciality shop 1004 Gourmet, told Caterer Middle East that although the burger market in Dubai is saturated, his co-founders and he “believed that as long as the dishes were delicious and our marketing was strong, we had a chance to compete with the best”.

Ugly Burger currently offers wagyu beef burgers, super crispy fried chicken and Nashville burgers, and a shrimp katsu burger inspired by the shrimp burgers prevalent in the Far East, as well as small bites such as chicken nuggets, shrimp balls, and different varieties of fries.

The concept is opening at a time when many restaurants are closed or still operating at minimal capacity, but Chang believes the current crisis has led to an opportunity.

He said: “The pandemic has been tough for everybody, especially for the restaurant industry. But when you're put in a tough situation, you come up with creative ways to overcome it. And Ugly Burger was a perfect example. During the lockdown, we saw a silver lining to use a small space in Shogun's kitchen to create a solid delivery-only burger concept.”

Having just held its soft launch, Ugly Burger is still ironing out the creases and Chang says the team has listened to feedback from their friends in Dubai’s food scene and altered the ordering process and made slight adjustments to the recipes and cooking methods to ensure the best customer experience.

And there are big plans afoot.

Opening up for dine-in within Shogun is definitely on the cards, admits Chang, while a collaboration with a large Korean food company for a special limited edition burger is also coming soon.

“Our end goal is to have our own space and hopefully open several branches in the city and different countries,” added Chang.

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