Dairy-free ice cream and plant-based eating key food trends for summer in the UAE

Marks & Spencer’s director of food product development has made the predictions
Cooking at home is more popular than ever
Cooking at home is more popular than ever

With the population on lockdown for the past few months, food preferences have changed and premium British food outlet Marks & Spencer’s director of food product development April Preston believes that will influence the key food trends this summer in the UAE.

Among the trends likely to be big as temperatures rise id dairy-free ice cream, according to Preston.
“With families now spending more time at home and temperatures heating up, getting a treat from the freezer to cool down will be a priority for everyone, no matter their dietary requirements,” she said.


Indeed, Preston believes that families will be turning to the freezer more and more as they choose to venture out less, instead opting to stock up on items with a long shelf-life.

This has led to more people choosing to try to replicate their favourite world dishes rather than heading out restaurants to have them cooked for them, and Preston believes that will continue.

Plant-based eating has been a trend for a while and Preston says it is “showing absolutely no signs of slowing down”. With a wider range of products available to those on vegetarian or vegan diets than ever before, it’s likely that we’ll continue to see “a diversification in plant proteins and experimentation with flavours”, said Preston.

Looks like restaurants have a battle on their hands to entice customers back out.

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