E-commerce platform Noon to launch food delivery aggregator

Founder Mohamed Alababbar revealed the plans at AI Everything in Dubai

Dubai-based e-commernce platform Noon has revealed plans to launch its own food delivery aggregator in the UAE.

Speaking at AI Everything in Dubai, founder Mohamed Alabbar said the new service aims to challenge current food aggregators who he said are “trouble” because “they control 30% of our company’s order so we can never negotiate with them”. 


Alabbar said that Noon would launch a “massive program” that is currently being tested and would work directly with food retailers.

“We want to work with our F&B boys and girls to help them survive, and that is one of the main critical reasons for starting Noon.

“On food aggregation, I want to give good news to all F&B operators in the region that our systems are ready to go, to work with you on a fair, commercial basis, so you can survive.”

The announcement follows a summer where the commission charged by delivery operators has been top of the agenda, with the likes of Zomato and Deliveroo heavily criticised for charging as much as 35% per delivery.

Several new platforms charging lower rates including GoFood and Munch have since arrived on the scene in an attempt to win some marketshare from the established companies and give restaurants a cheaper alternative, but it’s yet to be seen if any will make a large impact on the industry or make the breakthrough with consumers.

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