Lebanese American cookbook author launches Dubai home delivery concept

Dayma will offer Bethany Kehdy’s signature and contemporary Levantine dishes
Dayma will feature Levantine dishes
Dayma will feature Levantine dishes

Lebanese American cookbook author Bethany Kehdy is bringing her recipes to life with the launch of a home delivery concept in Dubai.

Dayma is a Levantine cookhouse serving Kehdy’s signature and contemporary dishes from across the region including Kalbid’s rice kibbeh, aubergine sfiha stars, prawn sambusek, carrot mutabal, and chicken musakhan.


As well as her celebrate cookbooks, The Jewelled Table and The Jewelled Kitchen, Kehdy is also the founder of Taste of Lebanon, and her culinary experiences have helped her craft the Dayma menu, including a revival of some forgotten recipes from the region.

She said: “I’m very thrilled to be launching Dayma, my newest endeavour. The menu offers all the familiar classics with fresh, comforting twists. They’re truly dishes you can’t find elsewhere and suitable for office lunches, to family dinners and gatherings. Our shared Levantine kitchen is naturally quite vegetarian-led and so there are plenty of delicious offerings in that category too.”

Dayma will be available on all major food delivery apps.

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