Five design tips for a healthy and safe restaurant environment

Caparol Arabia on how to use paint to your advantage
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Most of the restaurants done by Caparol have a mixture of textures, decorative and smooth finishes. Using only smooth finishes can be very boring in appeal. Textures and decorative add a new dimension to the ambience of the restaurant. We always recommend a mix of smooth finishes with soothing colours like below and have a distinctive wall in each area textured with a bright metallic or even rustic finish.



1. Choosing the correct colours for dining halls:

• Using light colours like white, beige, and light grey is good if you have a small restaurant. Painting your interior restaurant walls with any of the bright colors will help you make your restaurant look big.

• Green is always associated with nature, and it creates a relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant. It is very important for health -ased restaurants to note that green invokes customers to eat healthy and well balanced food.

• Dark, earthy colors when painted onto the walls in light shades and combined with a little lighting of warm colors, helps the customers relax and want to stay longer. Darker shades of red, maroon, warm orange and brown tend to boost the appetite of the customers, making them an appropriate colour choice for fine-dining restaurants which specialise in multi-course meals.

2. Flooring:

Restaurant floors take a beating from foot traffic, chairs, food grease, citrus, trolleys, utensils, and lots more. We always recommend an epoxy based anti-slip paint for the entire restaurant.

3. Lighting

It’s about contrast, not brightness
The trick to functional restaurant lighting is not getting the room as bright as possible, but rather to balance the amount of light in an area with surfaces and colours that avoid glare and eye strain.


Proper ventilation is crucial for a good customer experience. You need to circulate the air as so that food smell does not linger in the dining area. Same is the case with cooling, the temperature has to be just right to avoid cooling of guest food too quickly and to also make the guest feel comfortable.

5. Music

Your restaurants background music can be a small detail adding to the overall experience of a customer. Music can either attract guests to your restaurant or make them want to leave as fast as possible. The right combination of decoration, and music will achieve the desired result by creating the right atmosphere and mood for your guests.

Additional painting tips:

Test the paint on each wall in the room by doing a patch with two coats, and pay attention to how it is affected by natural light at different times of the day. If one wall receives much more light than others, you could even go a shade lighter or darker on that wall just so that it fits more appropriately with the other walls in the room.

Objects also play a part in the overall perception of a room. Furniture, decor, and wall hangings all affect how it complements your paint.

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