Food delivery service Deliveroo partners with Emirates Wildlife Society-WWF

The partnership aims to contribute towards reduction in plastic waste in the UAE
Green turtle (chelonia mydas), photographed in the Red Sea, Egypt
Andrey Nekrasov - WWF
Green turtle (chelonia mydas), photographed in the Red Sea, Egypt

Deliveroo has entered into a partnership with Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF (EWS-WWF), in a drive to contribute towards reduction in plastic waste across the UAE.

The collaboration will introduce several initiatives in the market, which both support restaurant partners and educate consumers on how they can do their bit to reduce plastic pollution.


Deliveroo general manager Anis Harb said in a statement: "Plastic pollution is a global issue and it’s imperative that businesses of all scales are responsible in making the necessary changes to prevent this crisis from destroying our planet further. This is something that we at Deliveroo care about deeply, so we’re making several changes to become a leader in sustainable food delivery."

There are three prongs to the Deliveroo and EWS-WWF partnership. 

There will be a new 'opt in for cutlery' feature introduced in the Deliveroo app and website. When Deliveroo trialled this in the UAE, 100% of restaurants involved saw a reduction of cutlery being used, with 85% seeing a reduction of over 50%.

Arrows & Sparrows owner Dave Hamidov commented: "Since giving our customers the option of having cutlery or not, we've seen a huge decrease in the amount of plastic cutlery being sent out with our Deliveroo orders, which is great for us and even better for the environment."

This has been introduced in the UK, where on 86% of orders customers now do not opt for plastic cutlery. Deliveroo believes this update will reduce wasted plastic cutlery at least by over 50% in the immediate term.

A series of restaurant trainings for Deliveroo restaurant partners will be launched, where environmental experts at EWS-WWF will educate chefs and restaurateurs on the best eco-friendly practices they can adopt. These trainings will focus on issues including restaurants’ packaging, their recycling practices, restaurants’ supply chains and purchasing practices.

EWS-WWF director general Laila Mostafa Abdullatif added: "We are delighted to join hands with Deliveroo, through this partnership we will raise awareness with the community to encourage more sustainable choices and engage directly with restaurants to guide them on embedding sustainable practices within their operations."

There will be a drive for consumer awareness on sustainability and informing consumers on what they can do to ensure their food deliveries are eco-friendly. This will include an email to customers every time they order without cutlery informing them about other ways they can be more sustainable and eco-friendly in their daily lives.

This collaboration is part of Deliveroo’s global drive to reduce plastic waste. Deliveroo also plans to work with manufacturers to invest in developing sustainable packaging which is ideal for food delivery, maintaining quality while advancing sustainability and environmental goals.

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