The Big Climb: Nicolas Rey

The new venue manager at Trader Vic’s, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah profiled
Nicolas Rey, venue manager, Trader Vic’s Hilton Dubai Jumeirah
Nicolas Rey, venue manager, Trader Vic’s Hilton Dubai Jumeirah

What attracted you to the position of venue manager at Trader Vic’s Hilton Dubai Jumeirah?

Opening a brand new outlet has been a long-cherished dream and the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah offered me the opportunity to open an amazing venue, together with a very supportive team.

How have your past experiences lent themselves to your expertise in this role?


I am honoured that this venue is my fourth location within the brand of Trader Vic’s. I have worked in San Francisco, Abu Dhabi and Bangkok before joining this team, in a variety of different roles including assistant restaurant manager and general manager.

What are you most looking forward to as part of this new role?

Creating something from nothing and making it the most popular venue in the direct environment, as well as profitable in the long run.

Can you share how do you intend to make the venue popular as well as profitable?

The venue carries its name familiarity, yet we are different from the other locations. We are the most modern Trader Vic’s so far, and host a wide selection of signature drinks and food, including items that guests cannot have elsewhere. I believe that our team also makes a great difference, due to their personal approach with each and every guest.

Can you share your thoughts on service culture — what are your goals with the team?

I strongly believe in empowerment and that everybody should be responsible for their own actions. The whole team, from manager to busser, has the liberty to engage with guests and to give feedback regarding (future) promotions and to provide ideas for improvement.

What is your favourite thing about the restaurant?

Trader Vic’s JBR is a place where everyone is welcomed and feels at home. Not only does the decoration and live music add to this feeling, but first and foremost the approach of our team. We treat you as one of our own, one of our family.

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