The Big Climb: Belal Kattan

The new executive chef at Radisson Blu Media City, Dubai tells us about his new role
Belal Kattan
Belal Kattan

What attracted you to the role? 

I was attracted to work in such a well-established hotel in Dubai like Radisson Blu Media City, which has been serving the city for the last 12 years. There is nothing better than being able to express yourself via food, with the versatile F&B offerings in the hotel: the famous award-winning Italian restaurant Certo; our all day dining, Chef’s House; ICON Bar & Lounge; and our roof top bar Tamanya, the different opportunities  for expression are infinite. The quality of the food offering is such a large part of a hotel’s success and I love the challenge of the highly competitive market in Dubai which will encourage me to push my knowledge and skills to the frontline.

How have your past experiences lent themselves to your expertise in this role?

With time comes more experience and with that more knowledge and with a wide experience from traveling around the world being exposed to different places and cultures with international guests I learned that it is about becoming your best self for you and for your team. It is not always about the food; you need to do everything with passion and you need to love every dish that will be served to the guests.

What are you most looking forward to as part of this new role?

I look forward to building a solid foundation with my kitchen team and to present new exciting dishes and dining concepts. I cannot wait to see what we can do as a team here in the hotel - the sky is the limit!

How do you intend to make the hotel’s concepts popular as well as profitable?

We have more than a decade in operation, and my goal is for all guests genuinely enjoy their full experience at any of our dining outlets: the food, the drinks, the service, the hospitality.

Is there anything you will be doing to improve sustainability?

In my role I carry full responsibility to improve sustainability. I have implemented HACCP training to my team to make sure that we are all knowledgeable about proper waste disposal in the kitchen. In the hotel we are already strongly dedicated to manage waste in an efficient and in an environmental sustainable way and we already have a long history of running a responsible business, it is an ongoing on-the-job training for all staff members to help work towards reduction of our carbon footprint. Our hotel is also Green Key certified which means we meet a set of high standard environmental requirements. We also make sure we purchase eco-labeled products, organic produce, and locally sourced water.

What is your favourite thing about the hotel’s brands?

My favourite thing about the Radisson Blu brand is the personalized guest experience we offer. I admire the ‘yes I can!’ service philosophy which motivates us to deliver memorable moments to our guests each and every single day.

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