Paul McCartney offers Pope Francis AED 3.5million to go vegan for lent

The pontiff received the offer a day after finishing his UAE visit
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Campaigners including Paul McCartney have offered Pope Francis AED 3.5million (US$1m) to go vegan for lent.

The head of the Catholic Church received the offer while on a visit to the UAE where he conducted a papal mass for 135,000 people in Abu Dhabi.


It’s part of a campaign to “fight climate change with diet change” led by 12-year old activist Genesis Butler and supported by McCartney, Moby, Chris Packham, Mena Suvari, and many more celebrities.

According to research from Oxford University, each person that goes vegan for lent will save emissions equivalent to a flight from London to Berlin, and if every Catholic on the planet takes part, it will be equivalent to the whole of the Philippines not emitting CO2 for a year.

Butler said: “Farming and slaughtering animals causes a lot of suffering and is also a leading cause of climate change, deforestation, and species loss. When we feed animals crops that humans can eat, it is wasteful. And with a growing world population, we cannot afford to be wasteful."

Pope Francis has not yet replied to the challenge, but if he does take it up he may wish to try Taqado's new vegan menu on his next visit to the UAE.

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