Coronavirus Diaries: Wilson Varghese, operations manager, Ultra Brasserie

Discover the daily routine of an ops manager on lockdown
Wilson Varghese
Wilson Varghese

9am: Given that am working from home nowadays, I am getting an extra hour of sleep instead of waking up at 8:00am. I recently decided to give up coffee so I like to kickstart my day with Steam Therapy, which involves inhaling the steam from boiling hot water and salt under a towel or blanket. This practice can indeed cure flu, that is caused by influenza virus. 

9:30am: I usually start by checking all official mails and I get ready for a Zoom video call with the management meeting which is scheduled at 10:30am daily. We discuss new regulations and restrictions that might have come in and how to action them. For example, travel for our chefs & delivery team nowadays with required permits and limited members of the team per taxi is a new, logistical project every morning so we revisit this daily to make sure the team is on their stations safe and on-time to get ready for a day of deliveries.


11:30am: I allow myself roughly 30 minutes to catch up on global news as well as news in the UAE.

12pm: I dedicate a slot to respond to all emails and follow up with suppliers and vendors which is very dynamic nowadays given changes of regulations every day. I have to get in touch with all suppliers to ensure that our planned supplies will arrive in time and what needs to be done as a replacement if delays are expected.

1:30pm: My usual lunch time.

3pm: I normally use this time for cleaning of the house & wash clothes.

4:30pm: I communicate with my whole team through WhatsApp to ensure they are well informed on the day to day happenings. We’ve recently started online training sessions too so we agree the timings and topics we plan on covering this way.

6pm: I dedicate this time to get online & refresh my skills relating to food & beverage.

7:30pm: I call my wife who is back home in Philippines through video chat & discuss on the daily happenings. We usually spend an hour doing so.

8:30 pm: It’s time for dinner and now that I’m working from home I’m cooking everything myself following recipes online.

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