A day in the life: Brian Voelzing, group executive chef, Lincoln Hospitality

He oversees La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie, The Loft at Dubai Opera, Distillery, and Taikun
Brian Voelzing
Brian Voelzing

6:15am – I wake up and make myself a quick smoothie before heading to the gym to workout.

6:45am – I spend an hour at the gym before work each day. It helps me clear my head and gives me energy for the day ahead.


7:55am – When arrive back home after the gym I spend around 30 minutes with my wife Sophie, and 7-month old daughter Harper, while having a breakfast of plain oatmeal and black coffee. I then spend a little bit of time playing with my daughter, or watching cartoons with her before I get ready for work. 

9:15am – The first thing I do is check on the kitchen in La Serre Boulangerie before having an Americano while I get caught up on emails and plan my schedule for upcoming days. I read through the service and kitchen reports of the restaurants from the previous evening and prepare my notes for meetings later in the day.

10:30am – I meet with management to discuss everything that is happening in the restaurants. This will include the previous night’s service, upcoming activations, marketing efforts, staffing and any other topic related to the restaurant that is relevant at that time.

11:30am – I meet with the culinary team of La Serre to work on new dishes for the menus we have in the restaurant. Our pastry chef Arnaud will often have desserts prepared for a tasting as the menu is constantly evolving, and quite regularly we have special pastries available for one-off occasions like Bastille Day recently. 

12:45pm – I try and have lunch around this time, usually with our brand director to talk about the restaurants and see where improvements can be made on marketing or our offering.

1:45pm – The team at Taikun starts later in the day so I head over there in the early afternoon to meet with the chef and GM. At the moment we are getting ready to reopen so I will often be there a couple hours in either food or beverage tastings. I join them for the daily briefing before I head to Distillery.

4:00pm – When I arrive at Distillery the team is finishing up briefing before opening the doors to our guests. I get caught up with staff during family meal at Distillery. 

4:30pm – By this time I usually need to get caught back up on emails and get a couple hours of work done. This includes budgeting and forecasting upcoming expenses and expected revenue, writing menus for events, meeting with suppliers, creating promotions for the brands and many other things. It varies day-to-day.

6:45pm – By 6:45pm the restaurants are starting to welcome guests so depending on the day I may go to any of the restaurants for the start of service and sometimes to end.

8:45pm - If business permits, I get home before 9pm in time for bath and bottle with my daughter. I will usually have quick bite and then spend some time with my wife before bed.

10:30pm – I check my emails once more before bed and mentally plan for my day ahead.

11pm – Sleep.

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