Head to Head: Fogo de Chao

The restaurant manager and head chef discuss the Brazilian steakhouse dining experience
Restaurant manager Raimundo Dos Santos and Head gaucho chef, Jonas Ribiero
Restaurant manager Raimundo Dos Santos and Head gaucho chef, Jonas Ribiero

What makes Fogo de Chão special in comparison to its competitors in the market?

Raimundo Dos Santos: The gauchos, as well as the majority of our front-of-house staff, are Brazilian providing you with a true Brazilian steakhouse dining experience. Fogo de Chão also serves traditional Brazilian bites and small plates that you will often find only if you visit Brazil. Now we have brought this taste of Brazil to the UAE and give guests in Dubai a chance to enjoy the very best of Brazil.

Jonas Ribiero: We source the highest qualities of meat directly from Brazil, Australia and the US, in line with our global standards across all Fogo De Chão restaurants. Each gaucho that serves the cuts in Fogo De Chão is considered a chef as well. They prepare each cut of meat and then cook it which makes a great difference, as each selection of meat is prepared for the guest that it will be served to.

How do the front-of-house and back-of-house teams support each other?

Raimundo Dos Santos: One of the most important factors for our staff is teamwork. Through continuous training we make sure that the back-of-house and front-of-house have a full understanding of the restaurant, and are constantly providing support to each other.

Jonas Ribiero: The key factor between back-of-house and front-of-house is communication. All our staff are aware of the guests and their requirements. Both teams work together and communicate with each other to ensure that our guests enjoy an exceptional experience.

How do you ensure the outlet is busy and profitable?

Raimundo Dos Santos: Fogo has proved popular across the world for making sure that we are aware of every detail regarding the menu and service to our guests. We want them to keep coming back to enjoy the amazing churrascaria experience that we have to offer.

Jonas Ribiero: First, we focus on the quality of food that we deliver, as we want to ensure the highest standards for our guests. Second is the service. From the moment a guest walks through the door, every member of the team has a superior knowledge of our food and our values.

What are the biggest business challenges you face?

Raimundo Dos Santos: One of the biggest challenges is the variety of restaurants that Dubai offers. Although we are renowned in other countries, opening a new location in Dubai may be challenging. Our aim is for our guests to enjoy a memorable experience and come back over and over again.

Jonas Ribiero: We want to ensure that we deliver the authentic Brazilian experience to our guests in Dubai. The DIFC district houses several fine dining restaurants and we hope to stand out for the overall experience that we deliver to our guests.

What does the future hold for Fogo de Chão in the region?

Raimundo Dos Santos: The future for Fogo De Chão in the region is exceptionally bright. following openings in Saudi Arabia, and now Dubai. We hope Fogo De Chão will become the place known for its unique and authentic dining experience in the DIFC district.

Jonas Ribiero: We hope for Fogo de Chão to be recognised as an amazing fine dining experience, for guests to truly enjoy the authentic and unique Brazilian experience we offer, and for them to return to us again and again.

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