Head to Head: Le Cirque

The head chef and restaurant manager of Le Cirque discuss the French-Italian concept in Dubai
Oreste Amadeo, restaurant manager
Oreste Amadeo, restaurant manager
Wesley Tyron Berghoff, executive chef
Wesley Tyron Berghoff, executive chef

What is unique about Le Cirque and how does it compare to its competitors in the market?

Oreste Amadeo: Le Cirque as a brand comes with great, over 40 years' strong and counting, heritage that has brought in A-list celebrities at the flagship New York restaurant, making it an iconic brand. At Le Cirque Dubai, we’re focusing on elevating the overall dining experience.


Wesley Tyron Berghoff: Le Cirque is unique in its approach to eating out; it is an all rounded journey from food and service, to ambiance and general hospitality and attentiveness. It is not just about making dishes pretty or having quirky and fun interiors.

How do the front-of-house and back-of-house support each other?

Oreste Amadeo: For me, I see it as only one house, and everything is connected to each other. We all work towards a common goal of bringing our guests nothing but the best, be it the personalised service by the back-of-house or delicious French-Italian dishes that come through from front-of-house.

Wesley Tyron Berghoff: Front-of-house and back-of-house are extensions of one team. Front-of-house have been trained to handle guests with utmost care and attention, whereas back-of-house have been extensively trained to prepare delicate French-Italian dishes with all the flair and none of the fuss.

How is the pricing strategy justified?

Oreste Amadeo: Creating a more accessible environment in DIFC means offering value for money on premium products. We purchase the best ingredients and serve premium dishes in a contemporary/chic ambiance.

Wesley Tyron Berghoff: All variables considered, from quality of food and service, to setting and location, Le Cirque is quite fairly and attractively priced. It is a complete ‘bang for your buck’ package.

What will you do to ensure the outlet is profitable?

Oreste Amadeo: Keeping variables low and pushing sales by creating guest loyalty and reaching out to new market segments. We aim to make delicious meals and strive for customer satisfaction.

Wesley Tyron Berghoff: Good food and a good time always brings customers back. Consistency also plays a huge role, so I encourage my team to put their best dish forward every single time.

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Oreste Amadeo: In addition to the record openings of new F&B concepts exponentially in Dubai, one of our biggest challenges is combating the stigma that comes with being an international brand located in a prestigious five-star hotel.

Wesley Tyron Berghoff: Creating a wholesome, homely meal, with that panache the Le Cirque brand is known for is both interesting and challenging. Our recently introduced evolving menu means adding in a few new dishes to the general menu.

What does the future of Le Cirque look like?

Oreste Amadeo: Very positive. This year earned the restaurant a few accolades, and we’re getting more repeat customers, so definitely building a loyal fan base.

Wesley Tyron Berghoff: Bright. We are evolving every day and working towards building a unique concept so there is lots coming up

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