Last bite

Last Bite: Le Cirque's Mauro Maccioni
Jun 19, 2018
Le Cirque’s Mauro Maccioni talks about food, family and favourite dishes
Last Bite: Salvatore Ferragamo
May 31, 2018
Il Borro’s Salvatore Ferragamo discusses the restaurant and the concept’s further expansion
Last Bite: Heinz Beck
May 01, 2018
The chef talks about micro seasons, not reading reviews, and going back to school
Last Bite: Enrico Bartolini
Apr 17, 2018
The chef who heads two Michelin-starred restaurants talks to us about fine dining, Dubai’s food scene, and shoes
Last Bite: Michel Roth
Feb 11, 2018
The chef who has helmed two Michelin-starred restaurants talks about Delifrance, representing his country; and Sherlock Holmes
Last Bite: Pedro and Fernando De León
Dec 13, 2017
99 Sushi's co-owners talk about authenticity and what they're working on next

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